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For the Love of Bugs, Part Deux

April 20, 2012

It’s finally Friday night…though, Matthew has a full day of house projects tomorrow.  We are exhausted after a challenging week.  I have many things I could focus on, but since you all loved my cockroach-in-the-mosquito-net story sooooo much, I thought I’d continue.

Disclaimer: Matthew’s war on the roaches in an ongoing battle, but it has improved our situation.  We see far less of them than we did initially, so my encounters are exclusive.  Sadly, this also means that I don’t simply see one skittering across the floor on occasion, but rather, I am up close and personal…more and more so every day.

The other night (as seen on facebook), I was putting Amelia to sleep.  She is not yet a fan of the crib or being by herself, so we still help her go to sleep.  I was rubbing her back, leaning casually over the crib railing, admiring her sweet grunts in an effort to get to sleep, when I felt a tickle across both feet.  In the dim light, I looked down just in time to see the cockroach run quickly away.  I, surprisingly did not scream, but kept my calm…and ran all the way to Matthew in the kitchen and silently squirmed.  I eventually got my courage back up enough to go back into Amelia’s room to make our escape (she, of course, was crying because she’d been suddenly abandoned.  When she’s older, she’ll understand, I’m sure…though, I doubt it’ll be that scarring.  (Don’t worry, I don’t actually fret about it that much…)

Before that we had a few days of cockroach-free-ness.  And yesterday was also roach-free.  But today.  Was.  Not.

This morning, I did my typical scan of the shower stall for bugs.  I’ve done this since I was little…it’s not exclusive to Africa…I’m just looking for different bugs.  I gave myself the all clear.  Ready to step in, I see movement in my peripheral.  Hiding behind the cleaning brush on the side of the tub I see the famous antennae.  Ugh.  I grabbed my towel, got the bug spray and he was finished (our bug spray is instant, even on the cock roaches).  Fine.  Back to the shower, which by now was the perfect temperature that I normally have to wait for.  I step in, grab the sprayer (it’s not a wall hanging kind) and I hear Amelia cry.  Surprised, I actually thanked God for the roach-related delay.  Had I gotten in when I wanted to, before seeing the roach, I would’ve been wet head to toe and less inclined to hear and help her.  So, I toweled up again and got Amelia back to sleep.  Realizing the bedroom curtain was slightly open and wanting to preserve the darkness, I slowly began to pull the drape closed.  I kept my watch on Amelia, trying to make sure the noise of the curtain would not awaken her.  Just when I thought it was completely closed, I looked up at my hand.  Not two inches away, clinging to the curtain, was another one.  What the what?!?!  I suppressed an eek, backed up, and went to the shower.  I didn’t want to risk waking Amelia with the bug spray and any eek-ing that might occur during said process.

Shower over, granted it was not relaxing, I went on with my morning.  Eventually, when Millie woke, I “fixed” the problem on the curtain.  No eek-ing required in the daylight.

Tonight, though, was my last straw…okay, maybe not the last…there are worse encounters, but it’s one of the worst kind.  Do you want to know?  Of course you do!  If I had to live it, you want to hear about it, right???  Okay, too much build up.  So, I was picking up a few of Levi’s toys after bed time.  I picked up his favorite orange truck and one crawled right out of the window and onto my hand.


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  1. Jan Allen Lind permalink
    April 20, 2012 0829

    There are reasons you grew up in the NorthWest, Coastal…we dont have cockroaches, and there may be good reasons to come back to the area, eh?

  2. Nic permalink
    April 20, 2012 0829

    oh wow!

  3. Melody Paramore permalink
    April 20, 2012 0829

    I really do feel for you! We had similar experiences in China when we lived there years ago. I didn’t even know what it was the first time I saw a cockroach! The good news is, they don’t bite and are not poisonous! The bad news is, I don’t think you ever get over the wanting to scream when you see them! lol Hang in there! It’s all part of the adventure! And thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Tally permalink
    April 20, 2012 0829

    I’m just amazed that you’re having so many bug encounters; I rarely see any, but I do keep things chalked up pretty well, along with keeping the bug spray on hand. It really was time to re-chalk and spray everything and I didn’t get a chance to before we left. Maybe all the packing, moving things around stirred them up. I hope your pest control hubby can get them ALL gone!

  5. Bill Pankow permalink
    April 21, 2012 0829

    Just curious, but what happens when you run out of bug spray? We can’t send you any. Do you have a shop vac?

    • April 22, 2012 0829

      We actually have great bug spray here…very effective, as well as household pesticides to prevent problems. They import it mostly from South Africa and they work well, probably not stuff the EPA would approve, you know? As far as a shop vac, we don’t. Matthew is wishing for one…someone probably does that we could ask and just haven’t bothered yet. Good questions!


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