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Our Travels and First Day in Pictures

April 8, 2012

Repacking the bins...again. But look how well packed they are!

Last snuggles for Grandpa. See the resemblance? Sorry, Amelia...

The Weighing of the Bins

All eight bins, ready for take-off

Burning holes for zip ties to lock on the lids

Meanwhile, Lisa packs the carry-ons. Yikes.

Checking our bins...

Sleepy girl

The "Africa terminal" at the Brussels airport - it goes on forever!

Final leg!

Lookin' good...nope, just tired.

The moon somewhere over Africa


Food coloring test on our water filter (go Berkey!)

My first kills...this picture makes them look tiny, but I assure you, they are not.

Warm welcome

Levi in our front yard...loving it.

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  1. Jan permalink
    April 8, 2012 0829

    This posting reminds of the great stained glass cathedrals window walls. The pictures tell the story of Gods grace and redemption in life of mankind. Ya’ll certainly just had an intense few days of very specific care – gifts and graces. These picture will serve as an Ebebezer for Levi and Amelia.

  2. April 8, 2012 0829

    It’s so fantastic to arrive somewhere new already surrounded by amazing friends. Thanks for posting pictures!

  3. Mike permalink
    April 10, 2012 0829

    Well, without me and all my boys playing soccer in the front yard every week, the grass may grow back during the rainy season! Or, you can let Levi water it with the new garden hose I hooked up to the water pump just before we left!

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