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Mini Blessing

March 31, 2012

Today is busy.  We are trying to minimize any preparations tomorrow, so we’re working extra hard today.  We’re not done yet, but we’ve appreciated my parents’ help with anything and everything, mostly entertaining the kiddos…you can imagine it’s a real chore for them.

But, we are reminded that you all are praying for us and that God is looking out for us.  Last night I noticed that our little  laptop charger light was not on.  I didn’t think much of it.  This morning, it still wasn’t on and the battery had not charged all night.  Ugh!  After some trouble-shooting, we determined it was the charger itself.  It was dead.

So, we needed to do a couple of errands anyway, why not brave the Apple store too?  Thankfully, it was quick and, more importantly, it was fixed.

Why is that a blessing?  It’s certainly not a blessing that it broke…new ones are expensive!  It was definitely inconvenient to go to the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon.  BUT, what if it had happened tomorrow?  Or, worse, what if it had happened Monday…or Tuesday…or any time we’re in Africa?  I’m thinking Apple stores are not nearby.  And since we can’t get packages, it’s not like we can order things online.  What a blessing that it died today!  What a blessing it was a simple solution!  What a blessing that our time was not sooooo packed today that we couldn’t fit it in!  What a blessing that, while we didn’t like it, we had the money to spend on something so important!

We are blessed.  We need lots and lots of prayers to see things so positively in the next few days.  We need the Lord to be our strength always.  We appreciate your prayers and notes of encouragement!  Thank you!

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