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The Friday before Good Friday…

March 30, 2012

It is a grey, not-yet-drizzly Friday morning.  I am sipping slightly cold coffee (taking care of two kids in the morning, you know), Amelia and Levi are playing with Megablocks at my feet, and Matthew is out running a few errands.  The fake fireplace is adding some heat and ambiance to this peaceful scene.  However, as a stark contrast, I am surrounded by eight bins, all stuffed to the brim of the bare necessities of a young family of four.  Behind the couch on which I sit are boxes…and piles…and baskets of stuff.  Stuff to be stored.  Stuff to be given away.  Stuff to be put away here.  It’s the last little bit of our lives here in Washington, and in the United States.

We are practically done with most of life here.  I only have one more phone call to make today (don’t let me forget!) and everything else has been taken care of, either by us already, or by willing family and friends.

Levi just built a tower and under his breath muttered “That was amazing.”  Ha!  This morning, as he ate his oatmeal, he went on and on about how we’re leaving in THREE days and going on THREE airplanes.  “We’re going to KinSHASA!!!!”  (And, yes, he pronounces correctly…most of the time.)

So, we will take care of the piles of stuff, cram a bit more here and there into our bins, hopefully enjoy a bit of rest this weekend, along with a few goodbyes, and we’ll be off.  We have a plan in place for once we land and our home is already being prepared by the great MAF team in Kin.  I hope to write again before we go, but if not, I promise to post all about our trip once we arrive!

Thank you for all of your prayer and financial support!  It’s been quite the journey!  We’re just over 96%, but everyday we hear of another new supporter jumping on board and we are continually amazed!

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  1. Charlene Davis permalink
    March 30, 2012 0829

    Lisa, if you have some things you want to give away, the church has a large garage sale at BV gym mid May to raise money for Journey To Bethlehem they to this every year if you want to donate. We could hold it till then or give it to the person who comes to pick up the couch & love seat. You all are in our prayers daily.This is a great experience for you all & I know God will watch over you.

  2. April 2, 2012 0829

    I really enjoyed this post Lisa! Not quite as much as getting to see everyone today though :~D

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