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Post-it Note (rather, a note about post, or a post about notes)

March 24, 2012

I asked the MAF ladies in Kinshasa to confirm and describe how mail works there, so that all of you know how to send us letters, since it’s been a popular question.

First, as I’ve said in a previous post, NO PACKAGES.  And, no cheating.  No exceptions.  Nothing more expansive than an envelope.  One of the ladies even said she once asked about someone sticking a CD/DVD of pictures and videos in the envelope and was told no.  A sticker sheet for Levi, or a flat packet of taco seasonings are okay, but nothing thicker.

Second, the delivery time can be lengthy.  One missionary mentioned that mail should come about once a month, but it’s not necessarily so consistent as that.  So, be forewarned if you send something that you might want to arrive on a certain date or season.  (Don’t worry, though – it’s not like we mind receiving anything late!)

Lastly, MAF will open all of the mail.  Anything tiny stuck in the envelopes, confetti, glitter, etc., will only make the floor at MAF HQ messy and won’t be forwarded.  This also means things could potentially be lost, so please consider attaching anything with tape.

So, our mailing address will be the same as MAF HQ for sending us personal materials:

Matthew & Lisa Lind
c/o Mission Aviation Fellowship
PO Box 47
Nampa, ID 83653


If you need something to be sent that is more of a business matter, or be made known to us quickly, scanning and emailing is your best bet.  Our mailing address for business purposes will not change from what it is now.  If you’re not aware of what this is, send us an email and we can give it to you that way.

We will have Internet access!  Email, blogging, facebook, and even Skype will continue to be your best option for contacting us.  (Though, with Skype, we don’t know how fast our connection will be and if it will be compatible with video chats…we’ll have to see.)  Our phone situation also won’t be settled until we’re there, though neither of us are “phone people.”

Packing day is Monday…we would appreciate prayers in particular on that day!

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