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…drumroll please…

March 20, 2012

How do you spell a drumroll?  Pdddddddddddddpdddddddddddpddddddddddd…

We leave April 2!

Yes, less than two weeks away.  We can do this right?  RIGHT?!?!

Early Monday morning we go from Seattle to Dulles (WA DC), then after the shortest layover in history with two small children, we skip the pond to Brussels overnight for yet another extremely short layover, by international standards, with two small children, and then an all day flight straight to Kinshasa, arriving around 6pm local time on April 3rd.

So, our to-do list is a mile long and we alternate between being really excited and really overwhelmed.  (Matthew adds “and bored.”)  We still need a few more ministry partners to be 100% supported, but MAF thinks that you all have been so wonderful, they trust that the gap will be closed very soon.  Thank you so much for getting us there by our goal!  What a blessing!!!

Excuse us, as we hit the ground running…

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