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Tweet Tweet!

February 22, 2012

We now have a Twitter account! Do you remember me mentioning that I was working hard to set up a Facebook page for our trip? Well, after working really really hard I learned that I do not have the knowledge to make it do what I want. And I certainly don’t have the motivation to learn right now. So, with just a few clicks we now have a Twitter running on the right side of our blog. Why does this matter? Well, to some it may not. But what I really didn’t like was that I would post something funny or interesting about our mission work, deputation, or something witty Levi said and I would remember that not all of you have Facebook and I would be bummed. It’s not enough for a whole post (plus, I’m not going to remember later) but it might be worth mentioning…and, thus, Twitter…with only a few clicks to set up! So, anytime you stop by our blog, scroll through what we’ve been doing or thinking…my favorites are the things Levi has said. He’s pretty clever. Best part, Matthew will post some too! Today’s is by Matthew. Yay!

Off to dinner…mmmm.

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