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Day 31

February 12, 2012

Today was awesome!  So amazing to see the Lord working through the people around us and in situations where we might have lost hope.  We kept missing our connections in Santa Fe, so we thought it might be a lost weekend.  So, we were quite surprised this morning when we met several people who we’d hoped to connect with earlier and made a few new friends as well.  We had an excellent worship and then talked to SO many people after church at our table.  (Setting up our table had not been planned, either – what a blessing!)  Levi found a few friends to keep him entertained, which is always our biggest struggle: keeping an eye on Levi while we try and have meaningful conversations.  It was simply perfect and we were totally blessed!  Then, bonus, we were invited out to lunch and had more great fellowship with three couples – all of whom were very familiar with mission work.  It was so great.  Thanks, Christ Church Santa Fe, for the amazing morning!

After lunch we immediately hit the road.  Our ultimate goal is back to Nampa, ID, but that’s nearly 1200 miles and we’re not really in a hurry, so we are currently in Moab, UT for the night in an adorable little hotel.  All four of us are awake at midnight…ugh…but we’ll get over it.

The drive today was, ummmm, interesting.  New Mexico is gorgeous and has great rock striations.  I got a few pictures, but I doubt any of them do the rocks proper justice.  Then, as it got dark, we drove into Colorado…and the snow.  And then the snow got serious.  We managed through a snow/hail/freezing rain/thickest-fog-we’ve-ever-seen storm.  We were just about to give up about 100 miles short of our goal (Moab), when we pulled into a little town that had only one motel.  It was…creepy.  Too creepy to try.  But, the fog had lifted and the snow had nearly stopped.  Thank goodness we didn’t try Creepy Motel, the road cleared up just outside town and we made it!  It helped the kids were [finally] asleep and we were simply fighting a bit of road fatigue.  But, with clear roads, it’s not too hard.

We have a nine or ten hour drive tomorrow, so it will be a long push, but we are excited to be back in Nampa.  I think our goals there are to stop by MAF headquarters and see a couple we missed on our first time there a month ago.  I think we’re only staying the one night and then headed west.

Tomorrow: Salt Lake City stop and then MAF home!


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