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Day 17

January 29, 2012

Today was the unknown day – and it ended up being a very great day!  This morning we had a delicious breakfast and headed over to the church.  We were given a few minutes to speak in the service and had our table of information in the back.  We were able to speak to several people.  The building at Memorial Presbyterian Church is absolutely gorgeous!

This afternoon we had Sunday lunch with some friends from our home church in Tacoma, Washington who have moved out to St. Louis and it was really fun to get to know one another as families.  Levi and Charlie had a blast playing, though the “learning to trade” concept was a bit frustrating at times.

Our hosts here, who are good friends from Alaska, were able to ask the right person at their new home church, The Covenant Presbyterian Church, and we were allowed to set up our table and our presence was made known during the evening service.  We made a few great connections and were very glad to have the additional opportunity to present our work to another family of believers here!

However, as fun as the day was, Levi had a very tough day.  He was overtired and completely spent.  He really struggled and, of course, that caused us headache and heartache.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a new day for him after a good night of rest.

So now we are off to bed, too!

Tomorrow: Let’s see St. Louis!

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