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Day 14/15

January 27, 2012

Maybe you think that a lack of blog post last night means something really exciting happened to us.  Or maybe you think we’re driving all night long in circles around the country, hoping someone takes us in.  Thankfully, neither.  We are currently just outside Knoxville, Tennessee staying in a huge house all by ourselves (it doesn’t have internet, though).  This particular part of our trip is kind of a bonus for us.  We couldn’t count on being able to stop here, because it’s not necessarily for support-raising, but since we are still working on a plan for Sunday, this little detour does not take us far from our options that are still in progress.  We are visiting with Kevin and Tasha Spann.  They are special friends to us because they, too, are missionaries with MAF and have been assigned to Kinshasa, DRC.  Kevin is a pilot/mechanic.  We met each other at training in Idaho this past summer and have both been in the process of deputation (support raising).  It is so encouraging to talk about what we enjoy and how we are struggling with this process.  We have had some very similar experiences.  So, Kevin’s grandparents, who are wintering in Florida, offered their home just down the street for us to stay.  We are able to talk about the prospect of living in such a different place in the world and our program director in Kin even sent us both an email of things to discuss while we’re together!

This morning, Levi was running around with an old version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, “feeding” them, saying “Hungry hungry hippos, are you hungry?  I’ll get some for ya.  Here ya go…that’s enough.  Okay.  Want this one?  K.”  A little later he paid homage to his grandpa by taking a lunch box and the thermos, saying “I’m going to work now – I’m going to build airplanes!”  (Grandpa works at Boeing.)  Then he’d go to the front door, turn around, come through the living room and announce “I’m home now!”  He would then proceed to feed his hippos again.

So, what are we doing Sunday?  We have a Plan F, but are still open if a church allows us the opportunity to present our work to the congregation.  We are so grateful to everyone who has been calling and emailing their connections all over the East Coast to find us a place.  Once we hear definitive answers from all of our contacts, we’ll let you know what we’re doing and where we’re going.

This weekend:  Only the Lord knows…hopefully He’ll let us know soon too!

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  1. January 27, 2012 0829

    so now I am plan F, lol!

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