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Day 6

January 18, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been six days on the road!  Today was spent here in Wisconsin.  This morning we visited my (Lisa’s) aunt’s church, specifically sharing our ministry with her small group Bible study, as well as anyone else we ran into while exploring the church’s campus.  Elmbrook Church is quite large and it was an exciting experience.  We had fun sharing our mission work with so many new people.

This afternoon brought good naps for Levi, Amelia, and Matthew while Judy and I ran a few errands.  Tonight we had a fun dinner with my cousin and his family.  It was really neat to see our kids playing together!

And now, a few pictures!

Amelia LOVED the exersaucer...

"Oh, Meerkat...I'm so tired."

Amelia's first swim (sorry, it was warm in there, thus the steam)

Amelia fell over, and Levi thought it was funny enough to copy.

Aunt Judy (our host in Wisconsin) helping Amelia fall asleep

Levi and Grant...cousins' kids makes them...third cousins?

My cousin John

Tomorrow: Chicago!

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