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Day 4

January 16, 2012

It’s the end of Day 4 of our Epic Road Trip to raise support for our mission work in the DR Congo and we are happy, healthy and exhausted.  After leaving Nampa, Idaho at 9:30pm last night we have driven 1200 miles in the last 24 hours.  Matthew and I traded off during the night and into the day, stopping for a long breakfast at a McDonald’s somewhere in Wyoming to let Levi conquer the PlayPlace.  We also visited several truck stop bathrooms – they are SO nice…nicer than any other public restrooms we’ve ever used.  I highly recommend them.  We were sad to be driving through the beautiful mountains of Utah (Ogden, just north of Salt Lake City) and Wyoming in the dark and getting into the plains just at dawn.  The only snow we had was at our McDonald’s stop – and it was blowing sideways!  The wind was incredible and chilly.

At some point (the hours have blended together in my tired brain), within an hour of each other, one child had a huge blow out and the other one threw up after becoming overheated…both car seats are less than fresh smelling!  But, other than that and some crying from being stuck in the car seats, the kids have done wonderfully!  We moved Levi next to Amelia so they can interact and it has been so fun to watch.  Amelia admiringly watched Levi play and Levi was seen holding Amelia’s hand while they both slept, as well as offering all his cars to her (we found several in her car seat).

We pulled into our stop for the night, Lincoln, Nebraska, around 8pm and have checked into a hotel.  After dinner Matthew took both kids swimming in the pool and everyone got a bath (okay, my shower is still pending) and now we are ready to crash!

Tomorrow we have about 500 miles to go to get to our “real” stop: Milwaukee, Wisconsin!  We will be staying at my (Lisa’s) aunt Judy’s for three nights, including a quick trip into Chicago.  We are looking forward to a few nights of continuity for the kids!  Thanks for your continued prayers.  And if you’re not my friend on facebook, you missed out on a few clever updates from the road (in the few spots we actually had cell service) referencing the Oregon Trail and the old computer game.  It was fun to drive and reference classic parts of both Matthew’s and my childhoods!

Next stop: Sleep and 500 miles to Milwaukee

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