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Road Trippin’

January 3, 2012

What have we been up to?  No good, of course!  No, really, we’ve been in way over our heads in planning mode.  We are planning an epic road trip!  

We are excited to announced our Congo or Bust 2012 Lind Family Road Trip!  It will be a month-long whirlwind of seeing as many people as possible, sharing our ministry, raising support, and just generally getting the word out there about what we’re going to be doing in the DRC.  We feel the Lord is leading us to people around the Lower 48, not just here in Western Washington, who want to support us, so we want to go to them.  We are so excited for this trip and have been very focused on getting the logistics together.

We will be leaving next Friday, the 13th, headed east.  Some of our planned stops will be in Milwaukee, Chicago, northeast Kentucky, DC, St. Louis, Tulsa, and Houston, making other smaller stops along the way.  If you look at a map, you can see the circle we’ll be making in the middle of the country.  While we are still in planning mode and can’t say anything with certainty, we hope to be presenting at churches each Sunday we are gone, and meeting with other small groups and families during the week.  

Some may have reservations, and we fully recognize those as legitimate!  Is the cost to drive across the country worth only the possibility for support?  To that we say: yes!  We know the Lord is ultimately in control over us and our support.  Prayer and financial support are both needed, but we hope that by showing up and staying very committed on this trip, we can convey that we are ready to head over to the Congo – send us!  Another concern is that it is the middle of winter.  Of course it is!  What better time to catch people at home and in the middle of their routines?  Plus, after living in the land of winter for five years, we know a thing or two about driving in heavy snow and cold.  As our sweet son would say, “I got this.”  (Again, though, we trust in the Lord’s sovereignty!)  And, lastly, aren’t you supposed to be leaving soon?  Well, we had HOPED to be leaving at the end of January, but support has been slower coming in than we’ve liked.  We can go when we are at 100%.  Our ideal is that once we get home from this road trip, we’ll be fully supported and need to hurry and pack with no time to rest!  We’ll plan for that and adjust as necessary.

But, if you’re on board with us, perhaps you’d like to know how you can help.  Maybe you live on our current route of travel, or want to know if we’ll be driving through your home town?  Please, send us an email and we’ll let you know.  Better yet, perhaps we can try and get together.  We can tell that some stops will be tight on time, but there’s always room for more!  We may need a place to stay, or maybe you know someone that might be interested in hearing more about our ministry?  Perhaps you’d like to help with the cost of gas and traveling?  We’d greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give!  Just send us an email ( and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Lastly, we are excited that we will be blogging daily (hopefully) during our journey.  We would encourage you to stop by here regularly to see where we’ve landed, who we’ve talked with, and pray for us and them, that they might want to partner with us on our journey to the DRC!

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