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Concert and Reunion

November 20, 2011

Our concert on Friday night went very well.  David played an amazing set and we were blessed by the outpouring of support from all in attendance.  Many were very generous toward our ministry and we can be praying that others will continue their support through on-going monthly gifts.

Post concert photo-op with David Harsh

Last Monday we were encouraged by a mini reunion with two other MAF families that we met during our training in July.  It was fun to get together, compliment the children on their growth, and commiserate with one another on the hardships of support raising.

Amelia, Callie, Jenna, Blake, and Levi

Callie and Blake belong to the Scheers and Jenna belongs to the Reeds, all of whom are going to be serving in Indonesia.  Blake and Levi were best buds at training and fell right back into friendship after just a few minutes.  It’s so fun to see them together!

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