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July Happenings

July 8, 2011

Levi and I (Lisa) have been in Western Washington for nearly two weeks now.  We’ve been taking it easy as I am trying to make Levi feel as comfortable as possible with all of the changes going on around him.  Plus, I’ve enjoyed getting some rest as I enter my third trimester of this pregnancy.  Tomorrow evening Matthew will fly in from Fairbanks.  Sunday evening all three of us will fly over to Boise, Idaho for our missionary training with Mission Aviation Fellowship.  This training will last until July 27th.  We will then fly back to Seattle/Tacoma and Matthew will spend a few weeks here before flying back to Fairbanks on August 10.  He will have just a few days to wrap up life in Alaska before driving down the AlCan (Alaska-Canadian Highway) with all of our worldly possessions.  We are hoping he makes it back with just enough time to spare to unpack the essentials (i.e., baby stuff!) before baby arrives.  Baby is “due” mid-September, but Levi was two weeks early and so I’m keeping all of September open, because perhaps this baby will decide to take his/her time.

Whew!  Please pray for us as we will be quite busy and taking in a lot of information while in Boise.  And the busy-ness will just snowball into fall with new baby’s arrival…it’s going to be one exciting summer!

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