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If you’d like to read our official MAF bio, specific to our ministry, it can be found at

Our ministry with MAF is really behind-the-scenes in a behind-the-scenes organization.  MAF is a service agency in that we are all about enabling the local church, and expat missionaries, with the tools and tech to get the job done.  Matthew’s first job with MAF was also a service job – supervising the maintenance of the offices, hangar, vehicles and residences so the pilots and mechanics can focus (as much as possible) on their core jobs.  Since then, we have transitioned to management and have returned to Kinshasa, after spending 11 months learning French in France, to work in leadership in the capital for two years.  Now we have transitioned to MAF’s HQ in Nampa, ID to serve globally.  Matthew has taken a role as Project Manager in the tech resources department.

Lisa’s core ministry is inside the home, managing the kiddos, the menagerie, and the household operations and whatever else the Lord lays before her.

Here are brief bios and a little about each of us…


Matthew grew up in a Christian home as one of six kids.  He learned many useful skills early on, including working in construction, pest control, as a sailing instructor and miscellaneous home projects all before he was in his twenties.  He and Lisa met folk dancing (contra dancing, specifically) in 2004 and were married in April 2006.  A few months later they were off to Alaska to begin life together on this new adventure, where they would try to help friends start a church, alongside a career in fire fighting and public safety.  After four years and the church plant fizzling, it was time to seek God for the next step.  He found this perfect fit with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in a Base Maintenance position, matching his years of various jobs and extra curricular experiences to the needs of MAF.  He has a Bachelor’s of Theology from Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington, and a BS in Organizational Leadership from Mountain State University in West Virginia.  He has also studied Rural Development at University of Alaska Fairbanks.

April 15, 2006

Likes: Sailing, skiing, hiking, camping, cooking, tinkering, reading, researching randomness, sleeping, building, motorcycles, hyphens

Dislikes: He asks, “How much time do you have?”  Slackers, whiners, hippies, kids on his lawn, new-fangled contraptions…


Lisa also grew up in a Christian home, though an only child.  In high school, she went on two, two-week mission trips to Costa Rica, but never thought of mission work as her calling in life until she and Matthew began to talk about it late in 2010.  Before transitioning to stay-at-home-motherdom, she worked as a medical lab technician, testing blood, urine, and any other bodily fluids.  She has a couple of Associate’s Degrees and previous national certifications in laboratory sciences.  In Alaska, her focus at home was on learning sustainable living – something that has come quite in handy during the transition to the mission field.


At Cannes Film Festival, May 2015, during French language school

Likes: Sleeping, grocery shopping, social networking, learning about new cultures, cheese, keeping chaos at bay, chickens, anything cute, PJ’s, household chores (REALLY!), lists & schedules

Dislikes: Whining children (especially her own), not sleeping, bugs, being interrupted, anything in her ice cream


Levi was born in Alaska in July 2009.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, natural fohawk, stud muffin.  He is an avid talker and will discuss anything with anyone.  He has visited 38 states and 7 countries on 3 continents in his short life – as well as lived on each of those three continents!


June 2016

Likes: Drawing, reading, writing stories, asking questions, alone time, and most of all, Star Wars


Amelia (aka Millie-bean) was born in Washington in September 2011.  She can be seen with her nose in a book or wearing a flow skirt, or both!  She wouldn’t mind being a princess when she grows up.


With baby sister, Piper, June 2016

Likes: Cookies, her Daddy, her sister, skirts, princess things, and reading


Axel was born in November 2013 in Idaho.  He is Mr. Personality, with an advanced sense of humor, and all around bro.  He loves to flirt with everyone and talks constantly.  All animals love him, and he loves them.


November 2015

Likes: Animals, cheese, olives, Star Wars, singing, being loud


Piper joined our family in March 2016, born in Vanga, DR Congo.  Her adventurous arrival was a perfect start to her constant personality.  She has us wrapped around her little finger with her giant blue eyes, big smiles, ready giggle, and curious nature.  She is quick, talkative, and loves to hug.


June 2017

Likes: Crackers, friends, playing, snuggles, her siblings, reading, singing


If you’d like to read our official MAF bio, specific to our ministry, it can be found at

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  1. Ryan Mortimer permalink
    November 12, 2012 0829

    My name is Ryan Mortimer. I am member of Family of Grace Lutheran in Auburn, WA. I have enjoyed your blog and am amazed at your life’s adventure in Congo. Matthew attended our Saturday men’s group breakfast / Bible study numerous times. We enjoyed getting to know your family and have been praying for your mission. We wanted to ask if there was any way for us to offer our support by helping you pay for something that you are in need of?
    Please let us know. My email is

    God Bless

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